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Mineral Zinc Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin




Hydrating Mineral Face & Body Sunscreen

This powerhouse SPF 50 mineral sunscreen will keep your skin feeling hydrated and protected. KrCentella contains Centella Asiatica extract to lock in moisture and deeply soothe and replenish your skin, whilst providing broad spectrum UV protection. Our 100% vegan, organic formula is perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

Vegan and Organic Hydrating Mineral Face and Body Sunscreen
Zinc Face Sunscreen

Mineral Face Sunscreen with Green Tea Extract

krCentella has developed a brightening, hydrating SPF 50 sunscreen with uplifting Green Tea extract. Your face will be soothed and protected from the sun with the antioxidant power of Green Tea, and the hydration from Centella Asiatica extract. These incredible ingredients are vegan, organic, and perfect for rejuvenating and protecting your skin. 


Our sunscreen not only benefits you but also the environment. We've created a lightly tinted formula without harsh chemical UV filters or white cast. This means you and our oceans are protected from harmful toxins, because we believe you shouldn't sacrifice the things you love for the sake of our sun.

Reef Safe Ocean Friendly Vegan Sunscreen
Hydrating Mineral Sunscreen
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